Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Wayne Umpire

Have always been interested in vintage photographs. They capture a historical scene and transmit information about a time and place (Visual literacy). With permission from Peter and Kathy Hafen, I share a photograph from their blogsite: Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Relic Home and Blacksmith Shop.

The photograph from 'Carrie's Photo Album' was taken on July 9th, 1931 and is described as a Lions event (Mt. Pleasant Lions Club outing to Torrey, UT?). In those bygone days, the roads here were gravel - - Hwy 24 from Loa to Torrey was paved in 1941 (Snow; 1953, 76).

James H. Knipmeyer's memoir "Tales from Torrey and of Capitol Reef" briefly tells of the history of The Umpire Store:
"Originally built as a frame building in 1910 and then converted to a rock structure about 1912 or 1913, it was operated as a store by Ephraim P. Pectol. At that time it was known as the Wayne Umpire Store. Why the name 'Umpire,' no one any longer seems to know." (Part III - 1969 Home)

The building today is part of Austin's Chuckwagon General Store.

Snow, Anne (1953). Rainbow Views: A History of Wayne County. Art City Publishing Company.


  1. Larry, I saw that picture in the other blog too, didn't realise it was the Chuckwagon until I stood outside the building. There is another picture of The Umpire inside the store above the entry, of course they are now closed until April so you will have to wait a while to look at it.

    Bob Palin
    Torrey, Utah

  2. Bob, I'll look for that photo, next time they let me back in the Chuckwagon.

  3. An online memoir titled "Briefs In the Life of Ephraim P. Pectol" states that he and his wife "owned and managed the Wayne Umpire Mercantile Business from 1910-43."

  4. A great story about Randy Austin and the Chuckwagon in the Deseret News